Real Food Cascadia

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2013 Presenters

Dawn Morrison:

Dawn Morrison is the coordinator of the B.C. Food Systems Network - Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Comprehensive Community Planning Coordinator with the Neskonlith Indian Band in Sécwepemculecw.

Kayla Godowa-Tufti:

Member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs of Oregon, descendant of  Indigenous peoples of Oregon, Washington, California and Nevada.

Sandra M. Matheson:

Sandra M. Matheson is a member of the Managing Change Northwest team.  She is a life-long farmer, educator, volunteer, veterinarian, wife, and parent.  She lives and farms in Bellingham, Washington. Sandra was a participant in the four-year Washington State University IFS Holistic Management Project. She also completed the intensive two-year training to become a Certified Educator in Holistic Management.

Casey B. Corcoran:

Casey Bryan Corcoran is co-editor of Autonomy Cascadia: A Journal of Bioregional Decolonization and produced the film Occupied Cascadia. His work as a grassroots activist focuses on restoring a functioning Food Sovereignty within the Deschutes watershed of central Oregon, while highlighting the ecological connections throughout the entire Cascadian bioregion and greater Salmon Nation.

Abe Lloyd:

Abe Lloyd is the director of Salal, the Cascadian Food Institute, an Adjunct Professor at Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College, and Royal Roads University, and actively researches, promotes, and eats the indigenous foods of this bountiful bioregion.

Real Food Cascadia 2013
September 28th, Bend, OR

Real Food Cascadia 2013



Statement of Purpose

Real Food Cascadia is an annual convergence seeking to connect our local bioregional restoration projects with the global ancestral health movement. It has become clear that the health of the Land cannot be separated from the health of the People. The Bioregion we call Cascadia holds the potential to become a model of true sustainability. We have the capabilities to restore the original abundance of this place and we are choosing to do so. The rivers here were once home to the greatest salmon fisheries in the world, and they can be again. Through this convergence, we seek to mutually empower the Ancestral Health movements promise to return the powers of healing to our local communities and the Indigenous Food Sovereignty movements promise to liberate “food security” from the logic of colonialism We seek to demonstrate how the Ecological Restoration movement is intimately connected to the restoration of human health and the health of local economies, and how the Permaculture movement hold it’s greatest promise when it emerges from our backyards to take root at a bioregional scale.

We are calling for this gathering to combine our many strengths in the creation and restoration of a Bioregional Food Sovereignty here in Cascadia.